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Grease Trap And Interceptor Cleaning


Most Common Type of Grease Interceptors is The Large In-Ground Tank

Failing to properly clean or completely pump out the interceptor can lead to major problems such as kitchen drain back up or grease interceptor overflow. California’s state regulation requires interceptors to be pumped when it reaches 25% of combined grease and solid content. To comply with state regulations, AmeriGuard is required to do a monthly report to the city and the county. Preventative maintenance is not only cost effective it also minimizes the unpleasant and costly emergency shutdowns. Irresponsible up keeping is priced highly especially when the city gets involved and shuts down the business. To help our customers guard against such disruptions, we at AmeriGuard offer a variety of maintenance amenities scheduled for your convenience. Don’t wait to put a regular frequency for the maintenance of your facility.

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Find the Right Grease Trap for Your Commercial Kitchen 

Grease Trap

Keep your plumbing systems operating smoothly with the right types of grease traps! These grease interceptors prevent grease, hair, lint, oil, sediment, and other solids from entering plumbing systems, septic fields, and waste water treatment facilities where they cannot be processed properly. These grease traps protect your plumbing system, and even help prevent harmful particles from affecting the environment.

We carry a variety of size capacities, ranging from small capacity models up to heavy-duty models that can hold hundreds of pounds of waste. Choose from threaded and non-threaded connection type grease traps, automatic draw off models, and low profile styles. Trap grease, oil, and other sediment before it destroys your plumbing system with a reliable grease trap!


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